Tesla confirms official record production numbers of 80,000 vehicles in 2018 Q3

US electric vehicle maker Tesla has officially released its production figures for the 2018 third quarter, thereby confirming that its production touched a new record high number in the reporting quarter.

According to a press release by Tesla, the total number of Model S, Model X, and Model 3 vehicles produced in the 2018 third quarter was 80,142 units. The figures a new record production by Tesla, marking a 50% increase over the company’s previous all-time high achieved in 2018 second quarter.

Going by the breakdown provided by Tesla for its third-quarter record production numbers, the total number of Model 3 vehicles produced by the company was 53,239 units, while the total number of Model S and Model X vehicles was 26,903 units.

Tesla also specifically mentioned in its press release that the third-quarter Model 3 production of 53,239 units was not only in line with the company’s guidance, but was also nearly two times more than the second-quarter Model 3 volume.

Moreover, along with the official release of its third-quarter production figures, Tesla has also confirmed that it delivered 83,500 vehicles during the quarter. As per the company’s breakdown, a total of 55,840 Model 3 vehicles were delivered in the third quarter, while the deliveries of Model S and Model X stood at 14,470 units and 13,190 units respectively.