Mazda says all its vehicles will come with electric variant by 2030

In a statement released earlier this week, Hiroshima, Japan-based automaker Mazda Motor Corp has revealed its electrification plans for the future. The company said that it has set a 2030 target for bringing electric power to all its vehicles.

According to the statement, all the vehicles produced by Mazda Motor Corp by the year 2030 will incorporate some form of electrification. The automaker further explained that 95 percent of its vehicles will combine an electric motor with an internal-combustion engine by the mentioned year, while 5 percent of the vehicles will be fully battery-powered vehicles.

The statement implies that Mazda has plans underway to revamp its product line-up in the coming years. The automaker’s electrification plans are comparatively more aggressive than those of its partner Toyota Motor Corp. which plans to electrify only 50 percent of its vehicles by 2030.

In announcing Mazda’s electrification plans, the automaker’s CEO Akira Marumoto said during a recent press conference in Tokyo that Mazda will also continue to make efforts to perfect a main component of hybrid vehicles --- the internal-combustion engine.

Meanwhile, in a separate statement to reporters, Mazda Executive Vice-President Kiyoshi Fujiwara accepted that Mazda is an auto industry laggard in electrification, and said: “It took some time to put in the latest battery technology and we revised the layout to allow us to use the technology across multiple electric vehicles, so we’re a bit behind -- that’s a fact.”