Colorado Governor asks state to develop California-like LEV standard

Colorado Governor asks state to develop California-like LEV standard

In a recent executive order issued for the state of Colorado, Governor John Hickenlooper has called for the development of a Low Emission Vehicle (LEV) standard, on the lines of current standard in California.

The move by Governor Hickenlooper to issue the executive order related to the development of a California-like LEV standard in Colorado has come in response to a recent decision by the EPA to roll back the agreed-upon 2022-2025 fuel efficiency standards.

In the executive order, Governor Hickenlooper has clearly called out California as a model for Colorado for developing its LEV standard. In addition, the governor has also highlighted the fact that an LEV standard similar to the California program has already been adopted by 12 US states, which are called the ‘CARB states. CARB is the acronym for California Air Resources Board’.

According to Gov. Hickenlooper’s executive order, California should serve as an inspiration for Colorado in so far as developing the state’s LEV program is concerned. However, the executive order does not seek the official adoption of all of California’s automotive regulations by Colorado.

Overall, the executive order recently issued by Gov. Hickenlooper marks a notable advancement over an earlier executive order which the governor had issued in 2017, asking the state to bring about at least 26% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by the year 2025.